Jerome Technology eliminates complexity from every IT process imaginable: network operations, resource consolidation, legacy product migration, continuous monitoring, cyber security, even compliance, so you can do more with less. Our products are easy to buy, install, use, scale, and maintain, yet still provide the power to resolve any IT management problem.

Our government clients use Jerome Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions everywhere: the data center, the premises, and in the field.

The highly-complex IT infrastructure of a modern governmental institution is a critical component of the social fabric, as it ensures that essential government services are delivered smoothly. Residents rely on the governmental entities’ websites to connect with government offices, while employees depend on countless applications and services to manage workflows and perform their jobs. Their infrastructure usually takes a large operations team conducting precise monitoring. Outages cause discontentment among users, but more importantly offers a risk that the emergency lines could go out.

Our experience working with government authorities across various States and jurisdictions means that Jerome Technology can deliver solutions for regional authorities up to state-wide and federal governments.

JeromeHCI and JeromeBI are powerful IT server room solutions that consolidates data from multiple monitoring, IT service management and business applications, and applies analytics to present you with a clear view of what’s happening in your IT environment from a single dashboard. JeromeHCI dashboards display the health of critical applications including processing and memory resources, pooled disk space resources, as well as all available routine support. This enables IT and Administrators to drill down from the dashboard to quickly access contextual information on the affected systems or applications.

Quickly identifying where critical outages are occurring enables IT teams to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem. Locating and resolving issues prior to an outage actually occurring, downtime can be significantly reduced, resulting in a better user experience.

Unified ProcessMaker Performance Management

Jerome Technology’s ProcessMaker performance management solutions ensure that government bodies achieve stellar performance from their IT system from the start. Whether an on-premise or in the cloud deployment, Jerome Technology tests and monitors system performance on an ongoing basis – from before deployment through to daily operations. It detects and alerts IT staff to problems and offers troubleshooting and analytics that will keep critical solutions, and other real-time applications, running optimally.

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