A Super Micro Outdoor Radio Access Network Device

Forming strategic partnerships with globally renowned Super Micro Computer Inc, Jerome Technology brings bare metal orchestration and hyper-scaling software technology to Asia and to Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) systems, the de-facto industry standard that is expected to take the world by storm, as we move towards 5th generation wireless infrastructure; replacing legacy, embedded devices.

Super Micro Computer Inc. is a global leader in high performance, high efficiency server technology and innovation. The company based in San Jose USA, develops and provide end-to-end green computing solutions to the data center, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, HPC, and telecommunication markets. Super Micro’s trademarked Building Block Solutions┬« approach allows the company to provide a broad range of SKUs, and enables them to build and deliver application-optimized solutions based on market demands.

Jerome Technology moves a notch further by bringing hybrid platform solutions to the edge; fusing software-defined technology with older but yet still relevant tools such as virtual machines, containers and vanilla hypervisors. By creatively merging essential virtualization technology into a powerful and easy-to-manage platform, Jerome Technology positions itself to provide mobile network operators with suitable base for multi-G services on Open RAN solutions. We make our solutions simple, easy to install and use. Plus, ensuring interoperability across its products, a wide range of off-the-shelf x86-based hardware from Super Micro can be implemented with software-defined solutions from Jerome Technology. Together, we bring high performance bare metal orchestration straight to the micro cell, while keeping total cost of ownership low and manageable. By adopting Cloud Native concepts and open industry practices, we bring the entire open source ecosystem to our partners.

We enable vRAN orchestration at local level, providing them the necessary support up to the operating system (OS) level. Jerome Technology takes care of the complexities with the use of cutting edge workflow management tools, robust network monitoring platform systems and our unique mass deployment technology, to enable service providers to roll out, manage, replace or recycle software OS that is needed for container orchestration and hybrid hypervisor, hyperconvergence systems to coexist, minus the pain of onsite deployment. Operators can assign hardware to be commissioned and installed once, and changes to its network infrastructure and technology can be done or carried out many times without engineers revisiting sites regularly.

By disaggregating the Radio Unit (RU), the Distributed Unit (DU) and the Centralised Unit (CU), Jerome Technology focus on areas to accelerate and enable the introduction of the rich capabilities of Open RAN architecture in commercial networks and provides a minimum set of end-to-end specifications for selected use cases for the deployment of a secure, multi-vendor interoperable network.

Open Radio Access Network is the future of wireless mobile technology. Regardless of deployment cases to implement 5G networks or to replace and enhance existing embedded 2G or 3G or 4G hardware with newer software-defined options, Jerome Technology provides operators a one stop consultancy, project design and scoping, to enable MNOs to move ahead with technology.

At Jerome Technology, we prepare the base for operators to implement virtual RAN solutions with reliable commercial support, within an open source ecosystem.