It has been nothing less than trying moments since the Movement Control Order was implemented in Malaysia to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Businesses halted, doors shuttered and many companies were threatened with the possibility of collapse.

We have never seen anything as drastic as what is going on right now, both in Malaysia and globally. The present atmosphere is completely unknown and the uncertainties that lies ahead remains an immediate risk to all facets of society and businesses.

With Covid-19 continuing to rampage globally, and although it is starting to show signs of peak and decline in various parts of Asia, nevertheless we are expecting a secondary phase of infection to hit worldwide by the next autumn/winter season, in the end of year 2020 throughout early 2021. The battle against Covid-19 will likely be a much prolonged one, as opposed to what people would expect on the contrary.

Many may not survive this onslaught. A substantial number of companies with high debt gearing, large staff head counts, shady practices and those with much exposure to sensitive, climatic business changes, are expected to wind up in coming weeks or months.

JEROME TECHNOLOGY would like to assure our valued customers and friends that despite such difficult moments, we are far from closure or quitting. Our company’s prospect remain as resilient as ever, we run our operations lean, mean and we are debt free. We have no structural dilemmas to deal with and our priorities is still on how we support you and how we can support you better.

Within our open source community, our teams operate in clusters from around the world, writing new codes everyday, fixing bugs and delivering new software experiences to our customers and users. You can expect no interruption to our existing work performance as we continually and swiftly adapt to any demanding, rapid changes that may be about to overwhelm the world in due course.

Hence our services to you remains status quo as we write, whether in coming months or years ahead. No disruption of any sort is to be expected if you have valid service contracts or agreements signed with our company. Our commitment to you is as solid as ever.

With the Movement Control Order enforced, regardless of the limited mobility imposed on us to travel, we believe our services to you are unaffected as the majority of you are remotely supported through our secure VPN networks and all works and services are rendered to you as reliably as before. No change to our quality and commitment to you.

Rest be assured we are here to stay and we are here to help you and your organisation sail through these difficult times. Whether you have implemented a new hyper-converged infrastructure in your data room or you have recently migrated from VMWare to KVM, JEROME TECHNOLOGY is always here, standing by you and supporting you.

As a customer of JEROME TECHNOLOGY, you have our seal of commitment, our covenant and our consistency of delivering high quality software platform solutions packaged with unquestionably, solid after-sales services.

Exclusive Covid-19 Announcement