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Innovation, all-in-one hyper-converged infrastructure, integrating software-defined computing, storage, and networking in one, easy-to-manage platform.

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Exclusive Covid-19 Announcement

It has been nothing less than trying moments since the Movement Control Order was implemented in Malaysia to combat the spread of coronavirus. Businesses halted, doors shuttered and many companies were threatened with the possibility of collapse. We have never

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Is Hyper Converged Architecture Right for Your Organization?

Is Hyper Converged Architecture Right for Your Organization?

Hyper converged architecture is changing the way we think about traditional IT infrastructure, how it’s deployed and how it’s managed. There are clear benefits to adopting a hyper converged approach. Use this guide for a better understanding of how hyper

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Work From Home, Work From Anywhere!

Work From Home, Work From Anywhere!

Jerome Technology offers simple, single box solutions for enterprises to easily set up secure, virtual private networking (VPN) networks, allowing staff to remotely log in to their office network anywhere from an Internet connection. With secure VPN networks, staff are

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KVM; A Clear Winner !

A hypervisor is a combination of software, hardware or firmware that creates, executes and manages virtual machines (VMs). The computer that runs a hypervisor is known as its host, while each VM on the host is known as a guest.

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Thank you, Malaysia!

One of our valued customer, Scientex Berhad, produced and publicised a note to the nation, in the form of a Youtube production, and thank the people of Malaysia for staying home and together, combating the spread of the dreadful Covid19 virus.

We stand with them to salute all Malaysians in honouring the great year of respite and cessation, to unhurry what we are doing, in the interest of humanity and kindness.

Facts & Truths About JEROME HCI

- The most complex stuff is handled under the hood - IT staff need only to have enough broad knowledge to apply infrastructure resources to meet individual application needs - Hyperconvergence software is designed to anticipate and handle the fact that hardware will eventually fail.

What an American SME said of Scale Computing, a KVM-Based Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution

“I’ve looked at other options within the market, they were either unreasonably costly for what we’re wanting to do, or they had an additional layer on top of it, whether it was VMWare on top of the hyper-converged solutions. We want something easier. I want to spend more time improving the business and not having to worry about the infrastructure that I’m running my business on …… It (KVM) truly works as simply and as efficiently as advertised.” Michael Rials – IT Manager at American Foundry Group

With JEROME HCI, your gains :-

- Run multiple applications with guaranteed performance across Private, Public, Hybrid and Multicloud environments - Confidently deploy Hyper Converged Infrastructure across your entire data center - Simplify and automate management to cut operating costs up to 67% - Backup, restore and design your disaster recovery plans within the same infrastruture

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JEROME Zabbix Network Monitoring

Monitor anything. Network monitoring, server monitoring, cloud monitoring, application monitoring services monitoring. And monitor from anywhere!

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Hypervisors are no longer regarded as the centric to any core, data center investment. The demanding and constantly changing nature of businesses requires quick-evolving platforms for virtualization to even set foot on. The next few years, are the genre of hyper-convergence. And it all starts here at JEROME TECHNOLOGY.

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